Our sweets don’t contain gluten.

Let’s start with what is gluten? It’s plant protein – glutenin or gliadins which appear in the seeds of various grains, e.g. wheat and rye. The presence of gluten in our diet can cause various health problems for people who are allergic to grain, or are sensitive to gluten or have celiac disease.


Unfortunately, the only solution to the above-mentioned problems is moving to a gluten free diet, but this is not easy as gluten is present in practically every grocery product: in bread, mince-meat, sausages, pates, cold meats, confectionary, beer, cream, yogurt, desserts, cakes and even medicines.



Fudge sweets which are gluten free

# We want people with food intolerances and who are ill with celiac disease to be able to eat our sweets, which is why we use gluten free ingredients in our products.

## Gluten free confectionary

Looking at standard sweets we can see that part of the glucose or glucose-fructose syrup which is used in conventional confectionary is derived from grain which contains gluten and the products based on these syrups cannot be eaten as part of a gluten free diet.


Gluten free

Our Super Krówka is based on gluten free rice syrup, which is unfortunately more expensive than its standard equivalents, but thanks to the fact that we have chosen this ingredient we can be sure that our products are 100% gluten free.